Dear Mom

Dear Mama/Momo/Madre/MamaLynn/Mam/Ma,

In my 20-some-odd years life of life, I’ve learned a thing or two by watching, talking, and doing life with you.

Do you remember the time as a child I stood at the top of the stairs in Warrenton, hands on my hips with my sassy brows raised to you?

“Mother, you have choice…” I huffed, doing my best to sound bossy despite my lisp.

Yep, I’d been watching you.

And despite this incident and a zillion others, you’ve always hugged, squeezed and loved the mess out of me.

Thanks to you…

I find myself doing things like:

  • crying when I laugh really hard
  • justifying why I’ve saved something because surely I’ll need it later
  • craving Mexican food no matter how many times I’ve consumed it in the past week
  • adding cilantro, lime and garlic to everything I cook

I say things like:

  • poop or get off the pot
  • it ain’t gonna get no greener
  • I am literally in a panic! (ok, I’ve never said that, but had to throw it in)

I’ll of course always love (alongside you):

  • model home tours
  • pedicures
  • Rocky mountain getaways
  • Mama’s cafe

I’ve also learned:

  • “this, too, shall pass”
  • to see the good in everyone and everything
  • you’re never too old for fun
  • treasure the moment
  • love is worth the risk

Being the woman of many quirks I am, I owe so much to you. We are quite a pair, so different and yet just alike all at the same time.

No matter how much time or distance stands between us, I’ve never gone a day without your love- knowing, feeling, believing in its depth and breadth.

You are a woman chasing after the heart of God. You are my prayer warrior.

I love you, look up to you and believe in you- the way you’ve always believed in me, no matter how big my dreams get to be.


Con mucho cariño,

your Kumquat May

And a special thanks to the woman who raised my mom,- the woman she watched and learned  all things motherhood from…the woman whose name I proudly bear! To my GRANDmother, Grandmama, I love you!

Happy Mother’s Day!