When the Last Piece is Pulled From Your Jenga Tower

Remember the game Jenga?

The game’s objective is to remove as many wooden blocks from a tower without letting it fall. You take turns with your opponent and if the tower falls at your play, you lose.

You remove each block with steady hands and give a big exhale when you realize the tower is still standing. You didn’t even know you were holding your breath until all the air comes rushing through your mouth and nostrils with a sigh of relief. As sweat falls from your brow  you think to yourself, “Really, pull yourself together, fool! It’s a game.” (Or is that just me?)

The past few weeks, months maybe, my life has been a Jenga tower.

One by one, blocks have been pulled from different parts of me. A struggle here, a heart string there. Family members are sick, friends are hurting, and the goodbyes never seem to stop.

Some of the blocks needed to go. Blocks marked with indifference, defense mechanisms, and lies. Nonetheless, these blocks were once a part of me, leaving me a little wobbly without them.

Leaving me vulnerable. Raw. Exposed.

Last week, someone removed the final block, the linchpin piece from my tower and it all came crashing down.

And I want to tell you I am writing this from the other side, from a place of recovery and reflection. But I am not. I write this from the thick of the apocalypse and pain. And tears.

But I realize in the thick of it is exactly where I need to be. I’ve spent my life getting over it and moving on without ever dealing with anything. Being the strong one, the stable one, the one who has it all together so everyone else can be a mess.

Today, the blocks are scattered across the floor. Jumbled, messy, disheveled. I’ll rescue the ones worth holding onto and throw out the ones that are not part of who I want to be.

I will build my tower again. But not today and not tomorrow either.


  1. Ms. Patti · October 27, 2012

    Carrie, so sorry you are hurting! Thanks for sharing Sweetie so we know how to pray for you!
    Love you! See you soon! xo

  2. wammies · October 27, 2012

    I love you. So so proud of the way you’re embracing the mess of a fallen tower. It’s good. Praying for you from the hondo.

  3. Talia Bunting · October 28, 2012

    sweet carrie – a) you are a powerful writer b) i’m so sorry, dark nights of the soul are some of the most intense, real and painful times. praying for you!

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  6. Amy Arey · November 25, 2012

    The will of God will never take you where the grace of God will not protect you. (This quote has gotten me through many rough times / days. It now hangs in my kitchen as a framed piece of art). 🙂

  7. Amy Arey · November 25, 2012
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